Smoke, Fire, Rain

We have been hit with great clouds of smoke in Las Vegas from fires in Arizona and now up on Mount Charleston. The air is congested with the smoke and my throat is raw. This morning I was jolted awake by tremendous rolling thunder that shook the windows and set off car alarms.  Finally rain deluged. Unfortunately it ended within 5 minutes.Thundershowers are predicted for all day so hopefully it will help put out the fires on mount Charleston.

My plan was to go apt. hunting today but we shall see what happens. I do have to drive cross town and Vegas is known for flash flooding.

First Friday was a success.  I sold my art work and learned a lot about what people in Vegas are looking for and willing to pay. It was an interesting experience. If you want to see more of my art go to:

Last night I made Pho soup to help my throat and would have posted a photo but it tasted so good I ate it before it cooled. So no picture, but the secret ingredient was lime oil from doterra. Check out my website at  Not all oils from other companies are safe for consumption but Doterra essential oils are. I used them to heal a spider bite, puncture wound in my foot and allergies.

Oh, the sun is coming out and the sky has that brightness that you just know there is a rainbow growing.  You have got to love the weather in Vegas.


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