Peeing Pink

For a week now I have been on a cleanse. So I bought a refrigerator full of vegetables and berries for juicing. About the third day I noticed I started to pee a pale pink. Congratulations! I am one of the 10-15% that doesn’t have the enzyme to break down beets. Things got a bit more exciting a few days later when it turned a delightful fushia color. As interesting as life can be I am glad that this morning’s juice contained the last beet. I still have 5 pounds of carrots and am beginning to wonder if I will turn a delightful “umpa lumpa” color of orange. Thank goodness my 1970’s juicer does not wring much juice from parsley or spinach as I would look horrible walking about green or green tinged. Besides I really like spinach raw better than juiced.

So this is a little insight into my colorful life and if I do turn orange I may promote myself as a human Popsicle, I used to like the raspberry orange ones although living in lLas Vegas where it is now playing between 112 – 118 I don’t think anyone would believe I was cold and certainly not frozen. BUT……

I AM DEFINITELY COLORFUL.  Humm I wonder if it has anything to do with being an artist. Maybe it is linked to that creative art gene and colorful peeing?


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