Long & Hard

Didn’t realize the double meaning until after I wrote it so I am just warning you that some of you will be most disappointed it is not “that kind of post.”

I have actually been thinking long and hard which is why no posting for so long. Iy has been difficult but I have not listened to my “Be Happy” CD which the first two songs are on the Road Again and Rollo On Alabama roll on. That’s because it usually means I am packing and halfway out the door for another 3 month cross country adventure.  I have made a commitment and it has lasted for 2 days now. If I make through the week then it is real.  The commitment is:

I will stay in Vegas. Make my art, write and perform stories. That might not sound like a major proclamation to you but for me it is serious business. I have agreed to do a few farmer’s market, craft shows and first Friday events. I am as we speak, (I always wanted to say that), setting up a website to display my art work, writing, photography and poetry and whatever artistic event I create. This also means I must find and sign a lease for 6 or 12 months. Hello world! Gulp! I’m guessing lighting should strike by the end of the week and I will commit to something.

I always said if you are going to pray for rain you had better wear a raincoat and carry an umbrella. I’m sticking my umbrella out here comes the rain.


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