I know I live in Vegas but

Okay, so admitting I live in Vegas aleady explains a lot but let me tell you a little bit of how my day went.
I’ll begin with the printer running out of ink so I drive off to the store. Nothing unusual about that untill I come home. The last week was extermly windy and the crystal candle holders blew off the ledge. I hadn’t noticed a crystal shattered until a sliver embedded itself into my foot. Pain anguish blood.
Took care of the foot & went to change the computer ink. Open the box someone took out half the ink replaced it with empties and glued up the box. Back to the store. Check the box before leaving all is good.
Driving home a pirate is standing on his front lawn pleasantly conversing with a neighbor. Now i’m used to seeing elvis but a pirate hat and all is unusual.
We won’t mention all the cars and motor bikes driving without lights at 8:30 at night or the right turns from left lanes. After the pirate I thought I was good for the day until the man in plaid bermuda shorts & cowboy boots was walking his freshly dyed pink dog in the parking lot.
I haven’t been drinking but I am thinking about it. Nah, just a typical day in Las Vegas.


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