Clouds in my Coffee

Wide awake at 2:37 AM it seemed like a great time to start work on a new drawing. I guess I was still a bit sleepy so I made a cup of instant coffee. Most likely you make better choices at that hour than me but the left cabinate was open and the stevia is all the way across the stove on the right. Well, you can’t drink black coffee at pre-dawn so I looked up an there on the top shelf towards the back was this bag of marshmellows my neighbor had given me the other night. It was one of those cold windy nights that you just wanted hot chocolate with marshmellows.
As often happens what I’m thinking in my head comes uncensored from my mouth. That’s how I happen to have little packages of hot chocolate and marshmellows.
Somehow as is often the case things take on a life of their own. My left hand was doing the thinking and action so before I knew it there sat a handful of clouds drifting through my coffee.



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