My New Favorite Sandwich

Rolls are not something I usually have in the house being that rolls produce rolls, if you get my meaning. But today I still had 1/2 a roll and it was lunch time. Knowing full well my refrigerator was about as empty as my stomach I opened it with all hope of finding something absolutely yummy hiding out. Ever the optimist.

Bottom shelf a gallon of distilled water and a brita of water, next shelf, one apple and a package of ginger which I really need to use up faster. Top shelf almond milk and… lots of empty space.  As I started to close the door I realized I had not checked the vegetable drawers on the bottom. Opening the one on the right is a quarter of a yellow onion, 3 cloves of garlic, all good to know. The last place you look as they say, I open the left side and there I struck gold, two packages of asparagus.  I like asparagus.

Off I go. actually it is a matter of inches to the stove where I steam my asparagus, prepare the 1/2 roll with a bit of mayo, red wine vinegar and black pepper. The asparagus is ready and I put it on the roll.  Of course the thief that I am I do eat a few before they make it onto the roll. I see the water in the pot is full with the vitamins so boil it up and use it to make a cup of coffee. Of course I put another pot on top to keep the vitamins from escaping.

I am one of the few who do not like drip coffee.  I love peculator but second is instant.  I am not sure how coffee from asparagus water tastes so I shake in some cinnamon. Oh yum! Asparagus sandwich now my favorite.  It was spectacular.  I do need to figure out something besides a roll to wrap it in. Try it and tell me how much you love it.  I know you are all anxiously awaiting an invite to lunch.


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