Down for a Short Count

I traveled through Mission to Trinidad,CO where I met delightful people and really wanted to stay but unfortunately the fracking mining is causing earthquakes and methane gas to come through the water pipes.  The gas not the earthquakes although I am sure they do rattle the pipes.  I really loved it there and it was difficult to leave. Next I drove to Flagstaff, AZ.  Did you see the sunrise I posted? At the hotel I met two fun and informative young men.  Motel 6 in Flagstaff who shared stories about thei lives and their friends.  We must have spoken over coffee for almost 2 hours standing in the lobby at 6 AM.  From Flagstaff I drove down to Montezuma Lake to check out a cute studio for rent.  The location was perfect but the studio dark and as hard as I tried to convince myself it would work I knew the darkness would get to me.  The landlord was fascinating and if I had a place to live I would love to learn more about him and his life. So out of frustration and in need of a place to rest for a moment I drove to an old friend in Phoenix.  Unfortunately he shared his cold with me.  I was afraid this might happen so I left after 2 nights and my the time I reached Las Vegas I could feel it in my ears and throat. Today I am in Vegas having difficulty swallowing but using essential oils and healing touch to get better,  I may have to take a days rest and leave Wednesday not Tuesday.  The next leg of the journey is to Utah but who knows what the winds hold and where I may end up.


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