Holiday Blues

Trip down to Trinidad, Colorado was a fast adventure to an abysmal end.  After a horrible night I drove 3 hours to Sante Fe, NM then turned around and drove 3 hours back.  This time I found a monthly hotel rental.  While today is family time, good company and good food for most I am spending Thanksgiving in a hotel alone indulging in the blues.  I wish my daughter had called or wished me a happy holiday or even a Christmas invite but no word She doesn’t even know I left the rez.  I wonder what I did to her to deserve this.  Was she hurt so deeply? Is it her relatives that changed her?  I know when I was married to her dad what his family was like. What ever it was I am hapless to correct or change her feelings.  I sure do miss her and would love to see my grandchildren.  What I really would love is my daughter back, a phone call, an invite but I guess that is all lost to the past.

On to the new adventure and journey.  Here the streets are made from brick.  The roads twists and turn as the merchants from the Sante Fe trail set up their wares.  I learned that due to the heavy rains the twisted trail made it safer and easier for oxen travel.  The town is known for Al Capon having stayed here often.  I plan to spend my time taking photographs.  I believe you will love them. Adorable is a good descriptive word for the town. The next month is focused on fitness, photography, fun and new friends.  The four “F”s. Literary license on the photography part.  :0)

Sometimes I think the environment changes a person without their knowledge.  After living in Mission, SD and moving to a small town that most people would say is quiet I feel like I am in the busy city.  Yesterday about 7 am I walked into a coffee shop and had a good fresh cup of coffee with real cream not powdered non-dairy chemicals.  There are over 5 art galleries that I passed and I have not walked all over. Over 3 thrift stores, even a Wal-Mart not a fully stocked but not a 2 1/2 hour drive. A yoga studio, food co-op, massage center and …? I will have to find out more.

I hope you all have a happy and loving holiday. I will go exploring. Oh yes, among the residents I have been told to expect to run into bears especially when walking around the river.



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