Adventure off the Rez

The day began in a semi-normal fashion. A quick pack of a small suitcase just in case. Last night I decided to drive to the mineral hot spring which were highly recommended. After driving for a little over an hour I exited at 1880 Town.  From there it was dirt roads to a spit in the prairie called Midland.  I did see one bank and one gas station with a restaurant attached and a high school in a Quonset hut.  The town park was large and nice.  The children in town show love playing there although it was Saturday and not a child in sight. an old hotel that may have had better days (doubtful if you ask me) was on the corner of a long empty street.  Entering the bath house I found myself back in the 1930’s, rich wood floor and walls, empty but the therapist showed up as soon as the bell on the door sounded. She was very friendly and showed me the two mineral baths. I chose one, $4 for 15 minutes of soaking.

The water was warm and silky soft. It was also a deep olive brown with slightly slimy walls. At the first step my foot was brown my the third my body was invisible.  All my fears of every horror show came to mind.  Serpents and snakes coming up from the bottom to swallow me whole. Unknown entities and so on and so forth. I did manage to relax as the water was warm 114 to 135 degrees and the minerals softened the skin and hair so I kept pushing my imagination of snakes to the back of my mind and stayed for 17 minutes.  When I climbed out I was relaxed and soft.  I do not think I will go back but it was an interesting start.

Oh yes, that is the true color of the water.

Okay, While in the mineral baths I crossed the time zone so it was an hour earlier than when I left.  Why not drive another 2 hours and go to Rapid City? That was a great idea. Off I drove to a fun town full of art galleries, bookstores, spas, antiques in a town with old west facades of the buildings.  Floors are wooden walls brick a mixture of old 1950’s and modern brewery and boutiques.  I did not buy anything but the trip was fun.

I have said it before and I will say it again even a simple trip is not simple or common place in Yotaki’s world.  Driving back home I saw the brown cows, black cows and white faced black cows and a camel.  Yes, a camel! Looking to the left I saw what was too tall to be a horse and too thin to be a cow. It had a hump on it’s back and can only be a camel which is an animal I am familiar with but somehow very unexpected  on the prairie of South Dakota. Unfortunately when driving at 90 + miles an hour I was not able to get a photo proof for you.  What I do have is a photograph of the beautiful sunset that welcomed me home.

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  1. Aurora HSP
    Oct 14, 2012 @ 00:47:04

    The spa soak sounds great but those snake visuals would make me think twice, lol xo


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