Difference between black cows and brown cows

I finally found a place to live with internet connection.  It has been a very long time.  The weather is changing fast. 29 degrees cold in the morning warms to about 40  some days to almost 70. I am learning to wear multiple shirts and heavy jackets so different than the desert of Las Vegas.

So what does one do here in Mission?

That’s about it nothing.  Sometimes there is a powwow the school has football games but since I do not know anyone in high school that is not high on my list. The powwows are fun. I did drive to Nebraska today since it is a Monday the stores are open. The town is cute with all that implies.  A very western theme and the stores have tourist type coffee, tea, gifts and western wear. It is more active than the reservation although people seem to think it is slow.  The summer welcomes thousands of tourists over the week end to go tube(ing) and rafting on the river.

So different from the dry desert here.  There are lakes and trees that change color.  I am living down the end of a long dirt road. It is so quiet compared to the other place right on the main street highway with sirens blasting and radios thumping.  I can still walk to the fast food burger place or the burrito place two blocks further down so there are no complaints.  No afternoons in the laundry any more this place has washer/dryer in the basement convenient but somehow not as much fun.

I am still trying to figure out the difference in cows.  New Jersey they are burgundy or brown and white and give milk.  Most of the cows here are steers or maybe they are cows but they are black so I am thinking that means steak cows.  There are some dark brown ones. Perhaps the black ones are prime beef and the brown beef.  Hey I was born in The Bronx there weren’t too many cows around.  Perhaps one at the petting zoo but who wants to spend time with a cow when you can look at elephants, lions and camels?


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