What is the meaning of OM (AUM)

In Sanskrit the meaning of OM is one who protects or sustains. The Vedic meaning is a symbol for everything, the universe. The word is made up of 3 parts:

AUM, The Ahh is the physical world, U the though world, M the dream world.  Existence. What exists before exists now.

Om is the infinite vibration which passes through all things. It “works” on a vibrational level as does the universe and our physical and spiritual bodies. Yhe sound awakens the deepest part of spirit, creator or the universal energy.  The essence of OM unites us all.

When you read the few short sentences it all sounds so simple but take a moment to contemplate the 3 sounds AUM and all that it represents.  Imagine the power of one simple 3 part sound that can awaken the deepest essence of ourselves and at the same time link all beings past and present together. This is truly awesome.


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