Sparkle On!

I love these magnificent animals and even had one for a pet once.  I like because I am so much like them. They love all sparkly glittery bits and so do I.  I make raccoon art.  It glitters and sparkles.  They say people throw stones at those who sparkle and it is true but I sparkle on.  How do you sparkle?



Magnificent light, powerful night  only in the darkness do you shine The darker the sky the stronger you glow.   I can never lose my way so:  Sparkle On!


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  1. Irene Tobias Rodriguez
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 20:09:13

    I had raccoon pet a couple times. My logo is a raccoon. They hold a warm spot in my heart. They can be so much fun. My last coon was named Pepper. Sometimes she could be so sweet like sweet pepper, and sometimes nasty like hot peppers. Even though she was “tame” she was still a “wild” animal. I decided that I would never have another pet raccoon because they belong in the wild.


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