Victory Garden

In my grandparent’s day the government encouraged everyone to grow their own food, to have a victory garden. Today they are talking about taxing people who grow their own food and raise “cattle” to feed their family. Nothing was mentioned about taxing the hunters per deer but they might cover that under the hunting permit, I don’t know.

How can a government tax an individual who has one goat for milk, one sheep for wool and food and various herbs and vegetables? When you sell products you are taxed as sales tax.  Remember the old movie Solent Green? Are the factories now just waiting to starve the populous and then turn them into food. Where have our basic survival rights gone? Not to mention human rights?

One needs to learn to forage for food in the area we live in. Learn to recognize the plants, berries that grow wild and are safe to ingest.  Even here in the desert there are many plants one can survive on but still: How dare you take away my right to grow food for myself and my family!


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