Packing Unpacking Where in the World?

I have had my 3 month recovery period without ever unpacking. Now that my son is talking over the apt I have started unpacking and washing dishes, pots, pans all the kitchen necessities. At first that was frustrating until I realized I came here with the intention of writing & making art.  Well, it took 3 full months to recover from live and the fasted cross country trip & back in history of driving.  The past two weeks all I have done is make art and I feel FANTASTIC!

I know what I want to do. Now back to the question of where. This time everything feels different and more alive.  This time I am truly committed and ready to unpack for me. I have met and made interesting and tight friendships here, let go of those that pulled and drained on me and my dream rather than support it so now I am ready. I hope this journey results in finding that home.  I long to unpack.  I think the key to being committed lies in unpacking dishes.  Somehow having a kitchen means I am staying not just passing through.

It is like getting married and standing at the altar thinking, “if this doesn’t work I can always get divorced.” I have landed in places, Tucson and gave it a cut off date, Las Vegas and gave it 3 months no kitchen or dishes were unpacked so the divorce came.

This is my dream should anyone know of the place (it may not exist) seas side or withing walking distance, crab apple trees, choke cherries, maples and pine, woods, mountain streams, waterfalls and mountains. Small town where there is no need to drive, access to land so I can grow my own food, flowers and herbs, of course it would  have a community of artists that are open and supportive.  Now that would be perfect.  Anyone know of this place?


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