Ex’s are ex’s for a reason

There is a reason we divorce them and if you should ever doubt your reason just remember this.  Tonight I was working around the house doing the weekly Sunday night chores to be ready for the week and Monday morning preparations when the phone rings. Caller ID displays my ex’s name but I answer it anyway. (We all make mistakes)

Me: Hi

Ex: Is (our son, he didn’t say that but said his name), okay?

Me: Yes, why?

Ex: I just got a call from the Maricopa County Jail. But it was garbled.

Me: Did you accept the call?

Ex: No but I thought it might be (son).

First we live in Las Vegas, Maricopa is in Arizona and why he thought my son would be in jail I have no idea.

Me: No, he is fine I spoke with him about an hour ago.  He is working.

Ex: Okay, I didn’t know who it was and thought it would be (son).

Me: No, bye.

Why when you get a collect call from an out of state jail do you immediately jump to the conclusion it is your son? I can not figure this one out.  No, I did not ask but he added that he could not think of who else might call him.  My son doesn’t even have his father’s number on his phone.  Which in it’s self says something about the man.

So if you should ever doubt why an ex is an ex just remember this story and be thankful he is an ex.


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    May 06, 2012 @ 21:55:31

    loved this. Blessings to you. Dr. Sherry


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