The cheerleaders and the critics

I love to hear the words of the cheerleaders, you know the folks that just say the sweetest things about you.  It does touch your heart and even swell the head a bit just as the critics hurt the heart or stab the back. Both are to be listened to but not believed.  Too much weight with the cheerleaders means you fall victim like the dogs of Pavlov and jump at the sweet word to do another’s bidding. Listening to the critic results in pain and depression, much of this can also be lies and jealousy speaking. There may be truth in both or there may be naught but lies.

I have been watching some interesting interaction the past month where people have tried to manipulate me some via the critic and others the sweet words. It does become frustrating as I wonder if anyone actually sees me at all. Both are equally annoying. Where is the true? Where is the integrity? I know I am not awful nor am I a god.  There are somethings I do that are outstanding and way above the average, some that are average and some that I lack in skill (like singing).

It is always interesting to see what people pick up on and what they choose to judge you on and why. Judge me if you like but don’t be surprised if you stop seeing me around.  I am not here for your judgement nor for your approval. I am here to be the very best me I can be.  You are free to accept or decline. I must admit I do prefer the sweet words but do not think that fluffing my ego will allow you to put a ring in my nose nor will I believe it any more than I believe your ranting of hate and anger.

I am quite content with who I am or in the words of a famous sailor;”I yams what I yams and that’s all that I yams.” Popeye the Sailorman


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  1. Sarah
    May 02, 2012 @ 21:40:43

    Boy…. I’m with you on this one Yotaki. But you have one advantage over me, you seem to know who your cheerleaders and critics are.

    I’m going through similar feelings and emotions. I’m finding that people I thought were cheerleader types, who I felt understood and appreciated me, are not always there with a kind or encouraging word.

    And others, who I also thought were there, but in a more neutral position, are suddenly huge critics, and of late have caught me by surprise.

    A couple have even delivered tremendous attacks of viciousness and deceit. It hurt my heart in a big way to have to endure such injustice. Fortunately, I’m a very strong woman and I’m dealing with the onslaught of disrespect and hatred the best way I can.

    I fall back on my faith of the workings of the Universe, my belief in God, and my integrity through my Reiki lifestyle. It keeps me strong and gets me through. I’ll survive the hurt – but I do wonder what lesson is meant for me to learn from all this.

    I’m not perfect either, but I live in integrity and truth. I have love for everyone who crosses my path, until they show me I shouldn’t. Then…. I mourn briefly…. and move on, enjoying the splendor of my own journey.

    Love….. Sarah


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