I believe jealousy is one of the strongest poisons. When jealousy enters the picture everyone loses. Most of all, the person who is jealous looses. So where does it come from? An individual feels someone has more or better then they do? Someone is doing something they themselves are afraid to do? Perhaps what another has looks so wonderful they can not see all the work that went into it before they arrived where they are at.

Most of us have to work for what we have, be it pretty sparkly bits or education and knowledge, financial gain, success and popularity, health and fitness and so forth.  None of it fell into our lap.  We paid our dues, set a goal and worked to achieve it.  It did not come over night.

My son was telling me about someone who after looking at the photographs said, “I am so jealous your work is so good.”  His response which after my initial surprise strikes me as exceptionally healthy one.  He told the person simply, “It sucks to be you.” Meaning it would suck to be foolish enough to be jealous of what another person does well.  Learn from them, ask questions, work hard at achieving what it is that you want but never tear the person down or spread false rumors and send the ” green eyed monster” in their direction.  One does not become better by taking from another or belittling another. If you are jealous then work harder or befriend the person and learn from them.

Jealousy is all about the other person feeling insecure or less than.  Anytime you compare yourself to another you usually come out as less than. Revel in another persons success, rejoice in their accomplishments and they will cheer you on in return. But squeezing the life out of something because you are holding on for dear life will not get you where you want to go.


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  1. pjgracecommunity
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 01:32:21

    We don’t realise how powerful that emotion is
    It burns like fire , on the flip side that our creative energy just twisted up , all I would “transmute that energy and build you own ROME , that’s creative , great post.


  2. beautywalk
    Apr 27, 2012 @ 06:25:47

    Thank you for visiting and sharing your insight. I like your statement that it is the flip side of our creative energy.


  3. beautywalk
    Apr 28, 2012 @ 22:40:42

    Jealousy ends friendship is seconds and is often used as an insidious means to destroy another persons feelings of self worth. It is only destructive and will sooner or later reflect back on the poisonous jealous one.


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