Toe Reading Party

An Amazing woman gave a party for 10 guests last night where I did toe readings, sole stories.  It was fantastic and the people were all such talented and beautiful women.  I was in the presence of just lovely people.  The party was great fun and everyone felt their reading was spot on.  I am so grateful.

First I asked everyone to write a description of their feet and told their story based on the description. Then each person had 15 minutes in the chair as I read what their feet had to say about the soul path they walk.  there were some tears and many smiles.

Toe reading or sole stories are all about the journey you have walked and how you stayed or strayed off your path.  Some liken it to palm reading but it is very different.  The bumps and corns are not a matter of your shoes or everyone who wore those shoes would have the same corn or callous.

The big toe is your destiny toe, next the air, fire, water & earth. They all have different meanings. There are archetypes and so much more. We must honor our journey and the path everyone has walked.  We do the best we can at that moment in time.  Of course it is easy to look back and second guess but it is our journey. Sole stories help you honor your pain and joys. Are you walking your intended path or have you veered off? And if so what event in your life caused the changes to occur?


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  1. Janis Justis HSP
    Apr 15, 2012 @ 00:11:54

    I never heard of such a thing before but it sure sounds like fun, Yotaki 🙂 I suppose it’s akin to palm reading so it makes sense, thanks for sharing this xo


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