We are all Connected

There are many different stories about how we are all connected.  The Native Americans talk of the web that connects all beings and end ceremony by saying all my relations.  Tibetans tell of a red thread that is tied to the ankle of everyone we are to come in contact with in this lifetime. We all speak about how does this relate to the greater picture the community, the world, all of nature.

I just watched an old DVD again.  It is always good to go back and review some things.  It is called the Emerald Forest, by John Boorman. You may remember it.  A young boy is taken into the rain forest by a tribe known as the invisible people.  His father never stops searching for him.  When he does find him the boy is fully integrated into the tribe and cultural life.  What you see next includes community in all aspects from healing and love to fighting and warfare. Lots of views into shamanism and the conflict with modern life.  It is worth a look.  Most libraries should have it.

The truth is we spend more time fighting against each other and complaining about or tearing someone down then we do working together.  You don’t have to do things my way and I don’t have to agree with you but if we all pull together we can make it up any mountain, through any storm and ride the roughest wave.



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