Breakfast Pancake

I must be on a hunger roll this week because I am cooking.  More one pot cooking ideas.  Here we go back to the trusty coffeemaker, remember the one we cook spinach in. Pour in the water and let it boil through to the bottom.  In a small cup put a small fist full of dry oatmeal oats.  When the water is hot pour enough over the oats to make it moist no water around the edges.  You might as well make a cup of instant coffee or bag tea so as not to waste the left over water while you wait.  By the time the tea has left the bag the oatmeal is ready.  Mix it up. who not the tea and oatmeal sorry.  Mix up the oats that have been softening in the bowl. Take an egg from the carton, crack it and let the whole egg join the oats.  Mix them all together.

Okay, in all honesty we are now going to use a second cooking pot.  Take out the cast iron frying pan. Melt a tiny bit of coconut oil or butter if you use it.  On medium heat it melts and you pour in the mixture.  Now be patient.  If you flip too soon the pancake will tear.  Go ahead and drink some tea and enjoy the aroma.

Flip the pancake so the other side becomes golden brown as well.  This should take 3 swallows of tea. (That’s if you have any left.) Put it on the waiting plate. You do have one ready, right? Inhale.  The best part of food is the aroma so enjoy it.  Now I like a little sea salt and ground black pepper on mine but it is wonderful with maple syrup or jam.  Eat and enjoy! High protein low calorie.


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  1. therealbryon-(gaysexandthecity)
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 09:28:43

    wicked idea!!! And the pancake sounds yummy too! Huh..Thank you.


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