Who Are YOU?

So many times we are asked the question, who are you or what do you do? The caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland was one of the first to ask us, Who are YOU? The old story about the Rabbi who approaches death and is asked; Why were you not more like (insert your name here)? When asked who I am I begin to think about attributes.  I am courageous, loyal, kind and loving but that is not who I am.  I am an artist, dancer, healer, storyteller, dream dancer but isn’t that what I do? Maybe not.  As a creative person I live my life with integrity. If I am not who I am and do not do or say what is in my heart then I do not make art or dance.  If I write what is only pleasing to your ears I lie. For life often takes a twist that causes pain and destruction. I do not paint pretty pictures to hang behind a matching couch but what is in my soul because I desire to communicate something to you.  The stories I tell or dance say more that the words.  They are teaching stories.  Who am I? I am Yotaki and at times I may not be what you want me to be but when I try to be what you want it gets knotted up and rotten inside. So I am all I can be and that is me, authentic, genuine so do not put me on a pedestal because you put me there I shall fall when you see me for who I am. But remember it was you who put me there I did not ask. Do not run me into the mud for that is not a place I live.  I am here, present and now, I invite you to see me or not, for this is who and what I am.

Now I shall ask you; who are you?            I really want to see.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. evilnymphstuff
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 12:29:27

    I’m Daphnee and I’m in love with writing. Introvert and almost alien because I’m so unlike the other girls…
    Great post Yotaki!


  2. beautywalk
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 14:00:25

    Thank you Sweetie from you I am most honored. Yotaki


  3. therealbryon-(gaysexandthecity)
    Apr 07, 2012 @ 10:36:22

    Hello… I am Bryon…writer, reader, goofy, nerd, proud and fabulous…


  4. beautywalk
    Apr 08, 2012 @ 12:24:05

    Honored to meet you, bri. Yotaki


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