False Friends & Family

Does money really corrupt or are people so desperate they will take the bread from your mouth and lie to your face? I have learned and not the easy way not to be angry or to carry a chip on my shoulder.  To be more open but now I am beginning to question that decision. Perhaps I was right, that people do lie and care only for themselves without thought to whom they may hurt in the process. Who they choose to defend so vehemently is also an attack against what I said.  And how or why has that person earned such loyalty?  I can see so clearly their manipulation and lies, you also could, at first.  Now it all has changed and hung the moon and stars twinkle more brightly in their presence. If it was turned around and I did that…the sky would fall and I would have been blasted so hard it would have been a year before A word was begrudgingly spoken to me.

Friends, those I have given to, offered my talents and abilities, now claim it as their own discovery not thinking I would ever return to learn the truth. Others who sneak up behind to whisper behind my back or listen in on conversations. Are they friends because they smile at my face? Is there such a thing as a friend? That blood is thick than water may be a physical truth but it is not a loyalty truth. Where is the honesty?  where is the truth, respect and love? Have they all vanished under the desire to prove to an abuser you are good and worthy or buried under greed and survival stress? Where is the good & true? Today for this moment I am not seeing the love.  I am not feeling it as my shields have once again been drawn up.


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  1. evilnymphstuff
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 10:48:01

    It’s indeed sad that those values are slowly disappearing into a too competitive style of living. Many people become more and more selfish these days…
    Thus it is us that should continue to give the right example, and not be influenced by this society!


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