Suppose You Died

For a moment imagine you no longer exist. An anthropologist, or extraterrestrial or time traveler arrives and begins to look through all your belongings. Do your possessions define who and what you are? As a human race we want so much to be accepted to belong we have become ripe for cult possession. The advertisers and propaganda have not only taken over but they continue to guide, more truthfully manipulate us into doing and being what we are not. In the day when it was cool to wear jeans one sided with Levis or Wranglers now Abercrombie or Old Navy. Did you purchase that car because it was the one that you wanted or it gave to a sense of acceptance? The ad told you it expressed glamor, wealth, sex appeal & power.

Are Nikes really better? When I was a sponsored runner and did miles on the pavement I tried many brands until I found the one that fit my shape foot the best and offered the support I needed.  I learned about flats and shoes that gave me shin splints when I ran distance and which shoe would create a blister. I was once paid to wear a brand as they sponsored me to run in a 10K (6.2 mile race) by the time I crossed the finish line my underarms were chafe and bleeding from the nylon thread used in the seams.

Has the internet defined your social activities? Your world? Do you live in Farmville? All the constant noise is tuned out by blasting the radio in our car. After my mother died I drove across country in a car with no radio or music only the thoughts in my head. People turn on television as soon as they walk through the door or never have it off. We now have stress and physical diseases because of all this noise.

Do you drink Starbucks because you like it or it is cool, acceptable and shows off your affluence? Personally I would take a fresh cup of circle K coffee any time over the status brands.

I walked about my tall and narrow rented apt. to see who I would be to an anthropologist. The shape of the apt may give the impression that I am tall and thin but when you open the cabinets I can not reach without a ladder you will find they are empty. I am only 5’2″ and between size 0 -2 or 3 if I buy jrs.. But the physical construction has little to do with me. It was a convenience rental. My neighbors are mostly black the next culture population is hispanic and a few white. The place I live is a row of narrow apts all attached to each other yet if you walk up the street a block and take a left you find homes with large dirt yards welcoming corrals and horses. On any given day you can see the people riding up the street.  Walk another two blocks and there are two large casinos. I have nothing to do with the location since I nether have horses nor do I gamble.

Okay we pass the physical layout. Walk into my house and you will see a red wool rug hand woven in Morocco. I bought it when I lived there and it has traveled with me around the world. There is an altar with what I call my medicine.  Sacred items of Native American and Buddhist practices. It also contains smudging herbs and feathers. The walls are full of art. Art that I created. There is a long leather type box with 4 small square boxes around it that are both storage and sitting area. An antique Singer sewing machine that I have sewn prom dresses and leather pants on. Inside the boxes are wonderful treasures. Homeopathic remedies and beads, charms, stones and pieces of sparkly bits that I love. Including poetry.

As you walk up the stairs I have placed guardians, stuffed animals, elves and faeries. Top floor has a laundry room that is a treasure chest full with canvases, paints, art supplies of all types crafts and tools and more sparkly bits, beads, charms, leather cords and more. The room next to it is meditation and yoga so there is a purple mat and various weights and cords. Open the closet and it is full with cowboy boots, beaded rhinestone encrusted storytelling boots, heels and a pair of well worn moccasins. The bedroom has the most gigantic bed I have every seen. It is the property of the landlady and much to large to move.  I swear 5 people could sleep in it and never know anyone was in bed with them. This would confuse the anthropologists. The tall and narrow apt, high cabinets and huge bed. What could such a person be shaped as or perhaps they shapeshift? Now you come to my closet. Insulated shirts in pink, black and white with dragons, tigers and Chinese symbols or Japanese Kanji. Tee shirts with studs and rhinestones One pair of jeans and yoga/workout pants. There is one lonely suit jacket and matching skirt on the off chance I actually get a job interview.

The one thing that can be found in every room is a treasure chest of some sort. Inside are packages of beads, sequins, sparkles, chains all sorts of glitter and shine.  Treasures. Wonders to hold or create with.

So who am I, anthropologist? I would define myself as a raccoon or crow attracted to all things that sparkle and glitter. To the magic and possibility of shapeshifting through creations. A storyteller in words and pictures. Am I a medicine woman? Or perhaps a huge creature at night or slug and in the daylight I grow tall and narrow.

I forgot the food. One cabinet is full with tea and tea pots. On another shelf is a container of oatmeal. There is a can of beans but since I have no can opener it sits on the upper shelf all alone. In the refrigerator is a package of fresh spinach, Chinese eggplant, yellow squash, a small bottle of milk,hot oil and tiny jar of sweet potato butter I bought in North Carolina.

I do not think Nike or Pepsi or any other propaganda ad pusher would find me satisfactory but me…me, I love the mountains, the red rocks and sound of silence. Of course I do need my reality of sparkly bits and cowboy boots.

Who are you? And if you did not exist and the anthropologist came what would they say?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. evilnymphstuff
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 11:30:56

    I’m definitely a bookworm and a crazy ambitious maybe-writer… because I have lots of papers and copybooks with my ideas and plans… and all those books and dictionaries in front of me now… haha this is what he would find.
    Great post! And very thoughtful!


  2. Yotaki
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 13:22:21

    Thank you, It is so interesting to hear about what and who we are. Yotaki


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