What to do when you can’t sleep

After tossing and turning for 3 hours I gave up on trying to sleep.  Since moving into this apt. I have been unpacking boxes and finding things that have been packed away for ages. One was a dress I bought about 12 yrs ago. It has one of those cheap nylon zippers down the back.  Well, of course I never got to wear it because the zipper snagged and gaped open as I pulled it down to put on the dress the first time.

I would fix it.  For years I tried and failed. The material is a beautiful black “silk” Chinese print and I never wanted to give it away.  I would fix it.  If not I would simply replace the zipper with a good old fashion metal zipper. Putting in a long zipper is a pain on cotton and murderous on satin slippery material. So that never happened. Well, unpacking I found the dress and spent two days (not the whole day) trying to open the zipper to no avail. Last night I thought fixing the zipper would keep me occupied. So I dig in the cedar chest and remove the dress. I lay it across my lap and give one pull…the zipper is down and now goes up and down on track as if nothing had ever happened.  Shocked and pleased I folded the dress up and put it away. There is no way I can wear the dress since it is now a few sizes too big. But hey why let that stop my enthusiasm.  What I thought would take 30 minutes took less than 30 seconds and now I had to find something to keep me occupied until sleep could sneak up on me.

I’m not one for planning but what the heck. What should I do Saturday.  They just resurfaced the street so we can not drive on it for 24 hrs.  Some folks parked outside the complex but I saw the police towing cars yesterday and am glad it was not the option I picked. There is a health and wellness fair at the casino down the road. Maybe I will walk there.  It is about 2 miles from my apt.  The walk towards would not be bad.  Then walking about the event still okay but the walk back is what could be tiring. Now a hike is no problem but if you have ever walked about a show/event it is totally different. So I began to plan my route. It is a simple route except the other week they tore down 3 crack houses on the corner.  That is where the association is claiming the scorpions came from.  They said the big earth moving equipment disturbed the scorpions and they went searching for new homes. A city block is a long way for a scorpion to walk for a new home. I finally decided I would walk on the opposite side of the road convincing myself the scorpions would not cross the street. That settled I moved on to something else.

I would try to read. The book was boring. It is actually very interesting but when you are over tired and can’t sleep it was boring. What next?

The solution came to me. I do not have a TV but I do have a laptop.  I turned on HULU and searched for an old classic. The site suggested black & white series Rockford Files.  I remember as a child I loved to hear the phone ring and the message that was left for Rockford. So I put the laptop on the night stand clicked on a video and laid down. I think I managed to listen to the complete phone message and was instantly asleep. Now I know what to do if ever I can’t sleep again. Dated B&W videos. Sorry, I don’t wish to fix zippers although it seems that in the dark of night I am quite good at it.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. evilnymphstuff
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 03:27:51

    When I can’t sleep a lot of random thoughts come crashing into my mind and they kill me until I die- uh I mean sleep. haha.
    Great post! We always feel so reckeless when we just can’t sleep 😉


  2. Aurora, HSP
    Mar 11, 2012 @ 23:58:34

    Daph is right, I never even thought of it but we do get reckless … overtired… now I know the magic answer, Rockford Files, just thinking of those old shows slows me right down, lol
    That dress sounds so pretty, you should hang it where you can look at it, like art on the closet door or something 🙂


  3. Yotaki
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 09:47:53

    It really is a pretty dress. I should model it and post it. Good idea. Yotaki


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