What do you do with salami?

I have two wonderful friends, a couple, who invited me to lunch.  After a fantastic visit it was time for me to leave. The wife packed a care package to go. When I got home I opened the bag to see what she had given me. Thank fully there was no cake as I would have eaten that, then beaten myself up for not having will power.  What was in the bag was at least a pound of salami.  This is something I never eat. I have put it into the freezer until I can think of what to do with it or find someone who will enjoy eating it.  She was so sweet to do that I would never hurt her feelings. So any suggestions on what to do with salami are welcomed.

I was thinking I could make a bread house and use the salami for shingles.  Or better yet make a dome that way the door could be round as well.  Buy some olives and build a chimney.  Place it all on a bed of lettuce and plant some artichoke trees.  Drizzle olive oil so it looks like it just rained. But after doing all that work how could you eat it? Maybe I should stick to the original plan and find someone to give the food to who eats salami.


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  1. Aurora, HSP
    Mar 12, 2012 @ 16:06:21

    I hate it, too, just can’t eat sausage of any sort but you might want to send it to this guy, everyone needs to read this, if only as a cautionary tale of what could happen on the internet, it’s not mine, I reblogged because this guy used to talk to me and I became frightened, better to be too cautious than not enough on here:


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