Weigh In

Today was the end of the two week detox.  Just because it is the end of the scheduled detox it is not the end of my healthy eating and exercise.  I did do the competition as impetus to begin and to get back on track.  So I know you want to hear the results.  Since I was weighed on their scale and measured by them I will go by that.  Therefore….I lost 5.6 pounds and 6″ over all.  This is not using any body wrap or artificial supplements just healthy foods, balanced diet and exercise. So  congratulations to me! I have designed a program, a lifestyle, that I call: Walk In Beauty. It is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and not only addresses but heals body, mind, heart and spirit.  We are a whole complete being and all parts of self must be recognized.

The enter the wheel in silence thus creating sacred space. Our body is the center and the shell or physical must be healthy. The mind holds great power. What our thoughts create become real through word and action. The heart or emotion guide us to move in various directions and the spirit tells us what is right or wrong. Various exercises from qi gong and yoga are done in each direction with a purpose.

First we stand in the east direction our arms open wide face up to the sun.  Here we seek answers to questions as we open the heart to feel. Next walk to the south where emotions reside and lower into child’s position. Glide out of child’s onto the knees and chest like a wave of the ocean and stretch up into cobra. The cobra leads us to the west and press the body into plank then up into lightening bolt positions of strength and honor of the thunder beings and physical body. The North direction takes us to the spirit, to the wisdom of the ancestors.  In the north stand still and breathe inhale wisdom and exhale stress. Gather the chi from the center of the earth and pull it up over head then gather the chi and wisdom of the sky and ancients and pull it down over the head and off the toes. Again stand tall and listen.

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