Detox Update

As of today I have been detoxing for almost 2 weeks.  During this time I ate foods I usually do not such as rice. Although it was an auvedic reciepie I was afraid that I would be gaining weight not lose weight.  This morning the scale said down 5 pounds! Yippie!!! I lost the sitting in a car driving padding.  Now I can go to the store and search for that perfect pair of jeans. I will let you know about inches and what size once I earn some shopping cash.

As to diet a balanced diet is what works.  I no longer eat any meat or fish and have cut out cheese but….. I am not a purest so I do have gargonzola on a salad and milk in my tea. I don’t think the milk counts because it is non dairy almond milk. Nothing processed.  We have somany chemicals in our bodies we likely walk about embalmed. I continue to eat nuts, almonds, walnuts, chestnuts. Protien can be ingested in many ways such as spinach.

Lately I have done recearch on whey protien and it is excellent for many digestive issues and repair of the body.  Take the concept of whey out of your mind as just for body building.  I will be posting one blog about all the benefits of whey protien.

Starting Monday I change my workout which I do regulary.  If you stick to the same exercises you will stop gaining improvement.  Your muscles adapt. So look for some blogs about fitness, health & exercise.  They will be fun and you should have all the “equiptment” you need in your kitchen or closet.


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