It hurts not having money

I just got off the phone with a friend who said she had to cancel lunch with me because she has no money. Then she proceeds to tell me how she is spending $50 plus tip on a haircut tomorrow, going on vacation to Texas, just had her ring dipped in gold for $80., is going to have a new band made for $13,000, oh she complained about only getting $900 back on taxes. Both she and her husband work, he also has retirement they have health insurance I could go on but what she doesn’t have is $10 for lunch.


Just another day in the life of Yotaki

Just another day in the life of Yotaki. I woke up made breakfast 1/2 cup oatmeal with cayenne pepper and Turmeric. Went to a “spa” to use the sauna and steam.  Cut it short couldn’t sit still but didn’t leave.  The two young girls were really upset about a ghost who plagues the facility and them.  One told about it having thrown a picture down the hall.  They both had interesting stories as did the woman who kept the place clean.  It just so happened I had my ghost feather fan in my truck so I asked to go look at where it all was happening.  I took the fan and showed them how to use it.  I also used it to clear the area after promising one girl I would do nothing to upset the ghost.  She was very nervous since she would be alone to close tonight.

After looking around the room it was obvious why he would be so attracted to the location.  It held the washing machine and dryer on one side and volumes of electrical equipment on the other.  You could feel the energy generated from all the electricity as you walked towards the room.  Once inside it actually was humming.  Ghosts, or energies are very attracted to electricity as it give them more strength and abilities. Water can be used to capture or steal a spirit. So the place was ripe for trapping unwilling and unconscious ghosts.

After that I came home to do some studying for my personal trainer’s exam and work on my painting and of course speak with you. It is only noon so there is still a full days worth of adventures to go.

Stealing Credit

“Women are most likely to be annoyed when another steals credit for their ideas. This peeve is number one on the list for 41% of all women (and 36% of men). Perhaps because younger employees are less likely to speak up for themselves on the job, 44% of 18-34 year-olds, both men and women, say this is really ticks them off.”

I just read that from a google on line article.  Interesting!

Spinach in a coffeemaker

I haven’t shared any recipes with you for awhile so here goes.  Since I have chosen not to fully unpack as my stay plans to be only a 3 month stay I wanted to share a fun new way of cooking. Not having unpacked any pots or pans I did have a drip coffee maker and since I never drink drip coffee I put it to the best possible use….cooking spinach.  Fill the glass pot with fresh leaf spinach. Pour about 6 cups of distiled water into the top just like you were making coffee. Close the top and let the water drip.  The spinach can sit in the pot for a minute and it will be cooked perfectly.  Don’t throw out the extra spinach water since that is where the vitamins are.  Use the water for soup or perhaps green tea.

Imitation as flattery

They say imitation is the best form of flattery but there is also such a thing as integrity, honesty and giving credit where it is due.  Meaning one should not claim as their own what was learned from another.  I was a bit shocked to hear my beautiful colored sparkly bits rain down from another persons mouth.  I do not mind they used the phrase, only that they thought it was original to someone who copied it from me and never gave me credit.  She claims it was her idea.  It was not.  I would say it at the close of all her circles and taught it to my students before I even met her.  Giving credit where due I learned it from a Reiki master in CT back in 1993. So let’s play fair.  Share the light and as the principles stated with honesty and intention. So here again I wish you all beautiful colorful sparkly bits all about you.  Yotaki

Oh the sweet life

Warrior enjoys the sweet life

You may now eat the bride

Even if I ever had the desire to eat what they serve as food after viewing multiple times on the internet (unfortunately I do not know how to block the commercial) I would not ever enter the establishment.  I find the ad offensive, abusive to women although I am sure some men will say it is funny and destructively unhealthy on all levels. I hope there are other women who will join me in not patronizing that establishment.

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