Healthy Tummy Hugging Lunch

Healthy lunch after a day of making art,  Check out to see how my painting is progressing. Time to make lunch so I open the young coconut for milk.  Don’t all great cooks drink while they create? Over the week end I went shopping in Chinatown so all the ingredients were ready and waiting. I always cook in a cast iron skillet shook a little hot chili oil and sesame oil into the pan, fresh garlic one clove, a bit of onion, saute them then slice thin Chinese eggplant mix it in.  Here I add a bit of hot pepper and black pepper. I prefer firm Tofu so slice some in now. Next a handful of beansprouts. Oh, in the over I had red yam baking with some Korean chestnuts. When everything looks about done add a big handful of fresh spinach (it shrinks) stir it up.  while this is cooking slice a bit of red yam and two shelled Korean roasted chestnuts. Stir about to warm it all up and YUM! Healthy and delicious. Let me know if you try it.


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