The path I dance

It is amazing how when you refuse to let the dark and negative folks into your circle the light grows brighter.  They of course stand around desperate to break in and destroy.  That is why it is important to set boundaries and stick to them.  Amazing is the word I have to repeat the light has the power of the sun to burn away the dark and treacherous, it illuminates the path.  I was thinking today how like the roots of a tree we are offered many paths each with their own twists and turns a few even end up at the same destination only the journey differed.

When I used to run I preferred marathons because the terrain would change.  I avoided the flat courses.  I found the flats to be boring and would take the hills over them any day.  My first marathon was actually the San Francisco Marathon.  My life follows the same pattern.  The path twists and turns often to be knotted up and tangled.  Sometimes it is like a slide straight down hill with no stopping point and other times the flat comfortable and what I unfortunately find a little boring path.  Now don’t get me wrong I like when things work out, (please don’t stop), but I do like change and challenges always interest me. That is why the loves of my life art & dance always conflicted. Each deserves full time attention.  How can one become more important than the other? So I have spent my whole life trying to find a means of combining the two.  That is how I became a Dream Dancer, for I dance dreams into reality. May your dance have lovely twists and turns with just enough jumps to keep you focused and interested.


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