For what it is worth

I am not sure what packing or unpacking says about a person but after almost 2 weeks of runs to the storage unit and back I have discovered some very interesting things out about myself.

First, I have enough tea to completely fill two kitchen cabinets. I have 5 tea pots and cup sets at last count.  I truly tired of always having to buy hangers and now have enough hangers to fill 2 walk in closets.  Unfortunately my 5 tee shirts and 2 pair of jeans don’t demand such a grand supply. Although if there was a way to hang up shoes…. I have filled the floor of one closet with cowboy boots and sparkly spike heels.

Next of course are all my art/craft supplies.  Dance costumes and ceremonial utensils.

So what does it all say about me? I drink tea, have more shoes than clothes (humm, that could be interesting) from dusty scuffed cowboy boots to silver or glittery hot pink spikes and enough hangers to open my own store.

Quite interesting.


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