$2.95 bottle of wine

When you pay $2.95 for a bottle of wine you expect it to at least have a twist top but NO!  The latter portion of my day was rough with dropping and bruising as I moved from the storage unit.  Of course there is still much more to go.  So I went to the store. A quick trip some comfort food, which for me is eggplant parm. even if it is the frozen type.  There was this cheap bottle of wine which for the 2 times a year I drink would be fine and perhaps take the edge off the day. So I go to the quick check out, the one you do yourself…wrong, never again.  Everyone had troubles.  I was no different.  It did not give me correct change.  Of course the person there to help would not/could not give the correct change so I spent a half hour in the customer service line waiting for my change.  The look I got said, “are you serious!” But seriously would you let me out of the store a little short on my payment to you?

Finally home. I turn on the oven and go to open the wine bottle.  Remember it cost $2.95. No screw top. one of the new plastic corks.  Not having unpacked any kitchen utensils I did not have a corkscrew. The land lady had offered to let me use her dishes, pots etc.  Which I did not want to do but this was an emergency so okay.  She did not have one.  what she did have was a tiny sharp knife.  Two so if I broke one would she know? Okay, if it happens I’ll feel stupid and guilty then for now on to the knife.

Here I begin to chip out the plastic cork.  I stuck it in and twisted but all that would have resulted in was a broken blade so I stopped.

The beginning


After twisting and moving the knife about I became frustrated and just stabbed the knife into the cork.



This was getting me anywhere so I pulled the knife out.  There must be some law of physics as the cork plunged into the bottle spraying me from head to waist with wine.  Well, that was a solution and the bottle was opened.  Next to find a glass.  I remembered I had unpacked one. I poured myself a glass as I waited for my eggplant parm.

My sentiments exactly


Bugs bunny and I felt exactly the same so it was quite appropriate to drink from the glass.  Things did not fair much better when I went upstairs. My magic link to the internet was gone.  Finally this morning I could connect and tell you all about my adventure. Off to the storage unit for some unpacking, moving and most likely more bruising.  Should you ever buy a $2.95 bottle of wine be sure it has a screw top. Oh yes, how did I cover the wine since the cork was proudly floating inside the bottle?  That was easy….packing tape.


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