More than just finding your bliss

It takes more than finding your bliss it takes walking the path that leads to the goal.  The journey may be the bliss the goal may be the bliss but nothing happens unless one takes the first step.  Kinetic energy takes over after that. A ball in motion stays in motion. Get the ball rolling.

So what stops you? The fight, flight, or freeze scenario. Fight and flight are self explanatory but freeze now that is a discussion. Fear is one of the major freezing points. Fear of many things the two basic fears are failure and success. I realized this week end the fear I kept tripping over was the fear of success. In the past there had been people in my life who sabotaged me at my height of success and therefore I learned to self-sabotage or expect sabotage when experiencing success thus creating the fear. So i stopped myself before I even had a chance at success. The fear that kept me from moving forward.  I investigated and released it. I can not wait to get back to Las Vegas and begin my life of success.  I likely will not be staying in Vegas but until the weather clears to drive across country again, one or two months it will be Vegas.

Do you have a fear that stops you? How do you deal with fight or flight or freeze? Even the color of my feet changed when I understood this block and removed it. One could say I am on fire.  For months now I said how much I missed the fire in my belly now it is back the driving creative force of life.


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  1. Aurora, HSP
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 18:50:35

    Trust. I am working through massive trust issues with friends, relatives, men, etc. It is damn grueling work. But through it I press on because I want to get to the other side. Free of this rotten sense that there is nobody I can trust anymore. Because there is. Me. Thanks for the reminder, Yotaki, just what I needed to read today. xo


  2. beautywalk
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 18:55:43

    One of the things I was reminded of this week end was to trust in myself, in my soul.
    I know you will break through and find that trust in others, others who are deserving of your trust. Yotaki Beautywalk


  3. evilnymphstuff
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 06:05:00

    Yes I know what you’re talking about. Sometimes people are so jealous that they try to put you down… only because you made an effort to succeed, while they didn’t.


  4. beautywalk
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 08:43:44

    Right you are! They are crabs climbing up on the back of each other even to the extent of pulling off limbs. All just to make themselves feel better. Jealousy is so destructive to everyone. Yotaki


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